1. Exquisite Corpse of Sorts Lion Cat by Steven, Rachel, and Jori


  2. Bird’s Nest Cat by Jori


  3. Dwarf Hair Cats by Tessa


    Cats can be anything, even Dwarf hair.

    This is my first successful and finished gouache piece. :D I’ve been inspired by a lot of awesome artists lately who use this medium and I can’t wait to learn and explore it more!


  4. Pattern/Cattern Cats by Rachel


  5. Bedtime Cat by Jori


  6. Organ Cats by Rachel


  7. Queen of Hearts by Nikky


  8. Flying Hot Choco Cat with Marshmallow Cat by Taryn


  9. Supper Duper Cat by Nikky


  10. Slave-Driving Restaurant Owner Cat by Nate


  11. Hat Cat by Khaiya


  12. Erasor Cat by Rachel


  13. Finn & Jake Cats by Celia


  14. CMYKats by Steven


  15. Christmas Tree Cat by Lindsay